About Us
Bagster House Club was established in 1946 and originally situated at the bottom of Shepperton High Street at the C.I.U headquarters known as Bagster House Club.

As was normal a committee was formed to run the club. This committee were all very dedicated to the running of it, but one person in particular who had a great deal to do with the club still being here today was the then President Mr. Harry Juett.

Harry Juett, a well respected family and business man was President for many years and was always looking to the future. Harry began to put funds aside to build a new and bigger club for all its members.

In 1982 his dream came true when the new Bagster House Club was erected off Walton Lane in Shepperton

Sadly, Mr Harry Juett died just before the club was completed, but his dream and his memory live on within the club for all time.

Harry loved children and they were always welcome within the club and that still stands today.

His policy was to be a family club which it remains to be. It is a very friendly club and anyone entering will receive a warm reception and made to feel at home.

Bagster House Club has gone from strength to strength which is due to the very hard work put into it by (the late) President Mr. George Payne and Harry Juett’s daughter Mrs. Mary Payne.

George served the club from 1961 as a committee man and joint entertainment Secretary with Mary since the 70’s. George eventually became Vice President then President until his death in 2008.

Mary is still entertainment manager and now as women move ever forward within the C.I.U Clubs, she is now our President. Mary works constantly for the good of the club which is probably why it is so successful and growing bigger every day. Like Harry, she looks to the future and welcomes younger generations to join and participate.

Bagster House Club boasts 4 pool teams and 4 dart teams and are still growing which means our club is busy at all times. As a club, we feel this is the way forward to keep it alive for years to come.

In addition, our club would not be here today if it was not for all who have dedicated and involved themselves within the club in the past.

We would like to pay tribute to :
Harry Juett, Elsie Juett, Frank Jones, Ernie Whitman, Ron Hooper, Tubby Atkins, Gordon Alexander, Molly Alexander, Frank Read, Jon Stanett, Neville Burgess, Tony Burgess, Bill Wright, Ann Wright, Ken Jones, Lorna Cook, Ken Cook (a past President who past away while playing in a pool match for the club he loved so much)

The list is endless.

So on behalf of today’s members we say a big thank you for all their hard work and loyal support of their families. They will never be forgotten